Saturday, April 19, 2014

100 Profiles Most Popular in Cambodia [Statistics, Google+]

Do you want to know who are the top active and popular Google+ users in Cambodia?

In 2012, I have extracted the statistic about users in Cambodia once but since then I can't find a source to extract again.

Here, I found one but more specifically depending on circle counting data of each extracted profile from Google+ but it has been used globally as reference as well in some website.

Anyway, let's have a look to the most popular persons in Cambodia on Google+ together here.

Overall 100 Popular Profiles in Cambodia

The first 3 peoples:
  1. Samady KSFollowers: 6912
    Following: 2613
  2. Sophen PhoFollowers: 5746
    Following: 2615
  3. Danh HongFollowers: 5094
    Following: 981
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The Only 100 Women Popular Profiles in Cambodia

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The Only 100 Men Popular Profiles in Cambodia

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Do you find yourself in the picture above?

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