Friday, May 31, 2013

Useful Cambodian Google+ Community Pages to Follow


If you're Cambodian People on Google+, Please join this community. 

We're going to gather all Cambodian Google+ user here. 

We want to become: "One Nation in One Community" on Google+ To achieve that, we need your helps, invite your Cambodian Friends to this community. 

That's what you can contribute to this community. 

I will promote one of our team member to be a moderator to take care the category that s/he specialize in. We will work together to "FIGHT SPAM" in each category. 

Let's work together !! 

Note: We have different categories in this community, make sure you post the right topic in the right category otherwise it will be deleted.

More than 300 members

We love Cambodia

"We love Cambodia" is for all people around the world who love Cambodia and who are interested in intercultural dialogue. 

We invite all members to share photos, videos, to ask questions, to find out more about the Kingdom of Wonder and to introduce yourself. 

Have also fun in this community and if you like: Feel free to invite your friends. 

Let us see, what will happen :) 

Notice: This community is not for political discussion in any way. Such kind of posts and comments will be deleted by the administrators. And we reserve to block those users. Thanks. 

More than 140 members.

Cambodia ICT

The latest information about ICT in Cambodia.

All latest information about technologies in Cambodia and around the world, people coming here to share and teach each other.

More than 50 members


Don't forget to join each community to bring more fun in our Google+ communities.

Learn more about Google+ communities related to Cambodia, find them here.