Friday, May 31, 2013

Google+ Introduce Useful tag #GooglePlusUpdate

Do you want to see only last update on your google+ streaming? Something like now:

Use tag: #GooglePlusUpdate!

By default, Google+ will introduce this tag to your post.
Of course, you can change it but it's more likely people will keep it and why not?
You can also introduce people this kind of tag, like #Cambodia

We're using Google+ Comments Now, And You?

Since last announcement by blogger about bringing Google+ comment to blogger, we just now move on by using a complete service of Google+ with comment system like the existing on with facebook as well.

You can now start communicating together with Google+ comment service.
Currently you can use on blogger, hope Google+ enables for other website service as well.

How to enable Google+ comment in blogger

At "My Blog", click on Google+, you will be able to choose: Use Google+ Comments on this blog

Useful Cambodian Google+ Community Pages to Follow


If you're Cambodian People on Google+, Please join this community. 

We're going to gather all Cambodian Google+ user here. 

We want to become: "One Nation in One Community" on Google+ To achieve that, we need your helps, invite your Cambodian Friends to this community. 

That's what you can contribute to this community. 

I will promote one of our team member to be a moderator to take care the category that s/he specialize in. We will work together to "FIGHT SPAM" in each category. 

Let's work together !! 

Note: We have different categories in this community, make sure you post the right topic in the right category otherwise it will be deleted.

More than 300 members

We love Cambodia

"We love Cambodia" is for all people around the world who love Cambodia and who are interested in intercultural dialogue. 

We invite all members to share photos, videos, to ask questions, to find out more about the Kingdom of Wonder and to introduce yourself. 

Have also fun in this community and if you like: Feel free to invite your friends. 

Let us see, what will happen :) 

Notice: This community is not for political discussion in any way. Such kind of posts and comments will be deleted by the administrators. And we reserve to block those users. Thanks. 

More than 140 members.

Cambodia ICT

The latest information about ICT in Cambodia.

All latest information about technologies in Cambodia and around the world, people coming here to share and teach each other.

More than 50 members


Don't forget to join each community to bring more fun in our Google+ communities.

Learn more about Google+ communities related to Cambodia, find them here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Google Plus for Business in Cambodia [Event]

"Learn Google Plus for Business Success", a topic of one event that will happen in Phnom Penh to introduce all Google+ lover to learn how we could make the business success through Google+?

Let's quickly register and contact the organizer now since it's almost time, 26th of May!

Date: 26 May, Saturday
Venue: No. 17, St. 604, 12152 Phnom Penh
Time: 8:30am to 11:30am
Bring your own Laptop and Smartphone.
Register Now! (
Limited number of participants: 30 people
Topic :

  • Google + for business
  • Overview on Android Studio (New Tool for Android Apps Developer)
  • Google  Translate

Website :
Google + page:

Facebook vs Google Plus Search - Learn to troll

That's what I feel and stress when I look over some post on facebook, I need to spend hours to find a post even I know some part of the text.

Let's troll one about that, (don't blame, I just learn to troll ;))

Here, you can explore about Cambodia by just go to Google+ search:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New look, New feature at Google Plus

I just found today the new look and feel of Google+ which is about brand new hangouts, beautiful stream and new way to make photo look great.

I would first love to see how fast of Google+ handle and response with its photo loading and auto enhancement on photo.