Thursday, January 10, 2013

Google starts prompting Google+ Pages to create their own Communities, teases Pause button feature [NNW]

The Next Web has been reported that Google is iterating Google+ on the regular, with the latest changes appearing this Wednesday (the day of the week where most of the social network’s updates seem to rollout). Although the company only launched Communities last month, and in preview too, Google is already prompting Pages on the service to create their own Communities.

On the popup screen, the message stated as:

Google+ Communities
  • Give your fans and customers a place to get together
  • Create an official community for your business or brand, linked directly from your Google+ page.
Bring fans closer together with community events, group video chat, and custom discussion categories.
Want tips on creating a successful community? Check out our best practices.
Create Your Community / Not now

Of course, Google plus community is bombing now even in Cambodia. Check out some of Community pages in Cambodia in previous post.

Source: The Next Web