Thursday, December 27, 2012

Official Google+ Not Support in Apple Store for Cambodia

I just tried to install Google+ on my iPad with my Apple Store account created in Cambodia address but unfortunately it said something like "this app is not available in Cambodia store (only US), my account could only buy app in Cambodia store of Apple".

So bad for that...
In my Android phone, I have everything but in Apple store, I can't. I might need to search another store to have Google+ on my iPad, I guess.

One big advantage, I want for Google+ on Apple product is with photostream and storage, I hope it will synchronize my stuff on Google+ photos/videos as it does in Android phone.

Google+ for iPad just recently in July optimized and updated for iPad.

I want it!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy New Year - GPlus 90 millions, Facebook 800 millions

Happy New Year of 2013

Now Google plus has reached around 90 millions users and in Cambodia we have 31,354 users but facebook is now reached over 800 millions users. Google Plus needs to take further competition on facebook. Wish him a success with this great social network tool in 2013.

And our page also reach more than 3000 page view with more than +90 on Google plus page.
We hope to reach more people and we will be back to work on our blog more often as well.
Thanks for visiting and share your though.

Be a Happy & Fun for upcoming Year of 2013

Friday, December 21, 2012

Existent of Community Page Bring People More Active in Google+

Of course, since recent providing the community page option, I feel more people is focusing on this page and starting communicate to people in each community.

Here, I also found the same feeling for people in Cambodia, let's having a look with some growing community pages:

Does Google Plus win Cambodian's heart by this 2013?