Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 tips for Rich Media on Google+

1. Go behind the scenes.
Your customers love seeing the inner workings of your business. Make yourself more approachable by sharing pictures or videos of how you do what you do. Give them a tour of your office or a sneak peek at some new products coming down the pipeline.

2. Photos are good. Videos are better.
Google+ is an incredible platform for photo sharing and viewing. But photos are, well, still. Spice up your posts with quick videos you’ve recorded on the spot, YouTube highlight reels, or favorite memes from around the web.

3. Short and sweet.
Don’t detract from the images with lots of text. Often, a short caption will do. If there’s more background information needed, link to it using a shortened URL.

4. Try a Hangout on Air.
The promo in your followers’ streams is eye-catching and is guaranteed to bring attention to your page and your content. Plus, host a live event while recording a video to edit and share later.

5. Record right on Plus.
Clicking the video button in the sharebox gives you the option to record a video there and then. Use your laptop to put a name, a face, and a voice behind your post. There’s no prep work needed. In fact, we like when videos are informal, fun, and scrappy. Not everything has to be polished. In fact, there’s nothing more relatable than a business owner who talks to customers like friends.

6. Try an album.
Upload multiple photos at a time to encourage users to engage more deeply. Include a call to action by asking them to +1 their favorites.

7. Invest in assets.
Sometimes you have weekly announcements or posts that aren’t natural fits for photos or videos. However, plain text is not the answer. Play around with logos, assets, infographics, and other ways to add some color and zest to even routine posts. This can be resource intensive, but investing in assets to add to your posts is a critical way to brand your page, your content, and your Google+ identity.

8. Use Creative Kit.
Google+ has a set of amazing photo editing tools built right in. Open your photo and select “Creative Kit” in the top left corner. Add effects to make even the most mundane photos just a little more exciting. Check Creative Kit regularly since our team is always adding new features and filters as well as limited edition holiday-related toolkits!

9. A link will suffice.
When a picture won’t do and you don’t have an asset at hand, at least provide a link. Based on the URL, a snippet should autofill the bottom of your post. Try to pick a site or URL that creates a snippet with an image of its own. That can transform a boring all-text post into one that entices users to click.

10. Be fun. Have fun.
There’s something to be said for being a little goofy. Your customers are people too. They like memes, funny pictures, and unexpected gems as much as the rest of us. Remember to remain professional, appropriate, and aware of your audience, but don’t overthink your content, don’t take it too seriously, and be willing to post fun things, even if they are outside your core business area.