Wednesday, January 4, 2012

By those, who passionate with Google+, share it to the world

Just remark on the blog before any conflict, it's not the official blog for Google+ Users Group (not a user group!) or any related to Google of Cambodia. It's a blog from those who would like to share their passions about Google+, who loves the new innovations of social networks and as we are from Cambodia and we found Google+ is really great and right to our interests. We choose him and feature everything around us in Cambodia or beside about him.

We won't ignore other social networks but we just want to open this door for Google+ in this blog.
Cambodia is a small and a developing country; We need those innovations to improve our daily lives and to improve our society with such social science.

I, personally, support the idea of social network for friendship in good manners, morality and culture exchange.

Google Plus Users in Cambodia